Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001

Our custom brass baseplate is a singular expression of the Leica Q camera series in form, function, and intent. Currently available in Raw Machined Brass, it is the perfect complement to your Leica Q3

Now available in titanium.

AGS Q3 B001

Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001

Color – Raw Machined Brass
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Like the original, this is a custom all-brass baseplate for the new Leica Q3 with an integrated Arcs-Swiss-compatible dovetail mount. Designed and CNC-machined in Portland, OR. Now available in titanium.

- Arca-Swiss Quick Release dovetail mount

- Adds functionality, protection, weight, and character

- Machined from solid brass

- 92 grams (with hardware)

- Attaches via 1/4"-20 stainless-steel retaining screw

- Improved Stainless-steel 1/4"-20 accessory mounting point

- Includes 1/8" Allen wrench / Hex key

- Designed and CNC-machined in Portland, Oregon

Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001
Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001
Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001
Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001
Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001
Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001
Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001
Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001
Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001
Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001
Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001
Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001
Leica Q3 BASEplate _ 001

  • Precisely Machined

  • Beautifully Functional

  • Timeless

Each baseplate is CNC-machined at Analogous to perfectly match the profile and contours of your Leica Q3.

Together, our baseplate with your Leica Q3 are more than the sum of their parts.

Brass is thousands of years old, yet used in some of the most sophisticated photographic instruments.

Product Details


This new version for the Q3 builds on learnings from the Q2 Baseplate. Additional design refinements and details have been added to further improve the use and in concert with some of the changes that have been introduced on the new Leica Q3.

– The baseplate still maintains full access to the battery and SD card
– There is now a more noticeable sculpting and chamfering around the battery release lever
– The SD card access relief/cutout now has an additional scallop to make it easier to lift the new flip-screen
– And the secondary 1/4"-20 mounting point is now a stainless-steel insert
– The Q3 baseplate design has internal material removed for a roughly 15% weight savings compared our the Q2 baseplate

Like the Q2, the Q3 baseplate was designed and created to honor Leica's lineage of beautiful, durable, and resolute photographic tools that unite object and creative intent.

Our baseplate augments the Q3's capabilities while enhancing its aesthetic and physical proportions. It protects and adds a balanced stability to the Q3. The warmth of the brass finish brings tactility and depth to the more reserved Q3 series. As the baseplate develops patina through use, the coherent character of camera and baseplate will mature further into a unified—and distinctly personal—whole.


Tools amplify abilities. The best hand tools easily amplify our natural abilities while remaining desirable objects. We use them because they serve a purpose and because we want to

Manifesting this idea that truly functional tools are both highly useful and beautiful, this brass baseplate for the Q3 is an elegant Arca-Swiss Quick Release dovetail that you'll never want or need to remove from your camera.

Our baseplate supports the camera whether or not it's mounted to a tripod or other accessory. It sits flush on flat surfaces, stable both side-to-side and front-to-back. Cutouts permit full access to the battery and memory card. All the supporting hardware is made from stainless steel. This includes the second 1/4"-20 mount, which is a stainless-steel insert for increase strength and durability when attaching other accessories or mounting on non-arch-Swiss platforms like a gimbal.


The 360 brass alloy used in our CNC-machined baseplate, made primarily of copper and zinc, is dense, strong, ductile, and easy to work with. It interfaces smoothly with other metals and resists seizing or corrosion. It can be recycled over and over again. And it has so much personality.

Leica's tradition of using brass in its cameras and lenses was born partly from these practicalities. Our all-brass baseplate directly connects to this history, albeit with a more progressive than nostalgic approach: Brass is simply the most beautiful and practical material for this purpose.

Aesthetically, the bright warmth of our Raw Machined Brass baseplate complements the Q. Even rare special editions of the Q are elevated by our brass baseplate.

Most importantly, as your baseplate ages, its patina will belong to you alone.


Our initial production run is finished in Raw Machined Brass, which highlights the material characteristics of our baseplate. Gleaming straight out of the box, gradually oxidizing and taking on surface wear, your Raw Machined Brass baseplate will become a physical record of your experiences with your Q3.

Like the Q2 Baseplate, future production runs will also include a black finish. Over time, this surface treatment will gracefully reveal the baseplate's brass underlayer, recalling the weathered brassing of countless well-worn, brass-bodied M cameras.

There will be more exciting materials and variations coming for the Q3 Baseplates in the future. Tests have already started on a titanium version, and some other unexpected materials are in the works.

All baseplates are machine-engraved with our branding and product codes to clearly indicate your baseplate's version, production year, material, and finish.


What's your warranty?

We guarantee our baseplates for a lifetime of normal use with reasonable wear and patina. If we've made a mistake or you have an issue with our product, we'll take care of it. Email us at support@ags.supply.

What's your return policy?

Our baseplates are made of brass, a material with memory that naturally changes color with age and retains signs of handling caused by the oils on your skin. This is why we ship our baseplates in vacuum-sealed packages.

Any returned baseplates that have been previously handled will likely have to be resold at a discount as used items. For this reason, please be kind in considering a return.

We do accept good-faith returns at our discretion.

Return shipping with insurance is your responsibility. Email support@ags.supply for returns or questions.

How soon will I get my baseplate?

You'll receive shipping confirmation and tracking info once your order ships.

Since we're a small studio, we can't guarantee same-day shipping of orders, but we'll do our best to get orders out as quickly as possible.

What happens if they are sold out?

In the event that we sell out of current stock, we will accept backorders/pre-orders where possible and continue fulfilling orders as rapidly as new baseplates can be produced.

Our aim is to keep production slightly ahead of orders so that we have enough baseplates in stock without creating excess.

Contact us at support@ags.supply with any questions about product details or product availability.

How much is shipping in the United States?

We offer $10 flat rate shipping for U.S. domestic addresses, with packages shipped via FedEx express saver service.


Additional shipping options are available and calculated at checkout.

What about international shipping?

For now we are only selling to a limited number of countries internationally. International orders will be handled via UPS or USPS. All shipping options and rates are calculated at checkout.

At this time, we are not collecting VAT or other international taxes at checkout.

VAT or other import duties may be due on delivery. 

What about a discount?

We aim to produce small runs of quality products that last while minimizing excess consumption and waste. For this reason, we won't offer general discounts or sales.

Some of our blemished goods or seconds or used baseplates will be made available at a discounted rate. In the near term, these seconds will be for sale through eBay, so look for them there.

When will the black finish be available?

The black finish is now available for the Q2! In a similar fashion, the black version of the Q3 Baseplate will be available after orders start shipping for the standard Raw Brass version

This is a hot black oxide treatment that converts the outer layer of brass to rich black. It's then treated with a dry oil dip to seal the part and bring out the depth and finished with white painted engravings.

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What about other materials or customization?

We love this question! We already delivered a custom spec version to a dear friend. It's a slightly modified version of our baseplate, machined in bronze and custom-engraved.

Because we design and make every baseplate ourselves, we're able to make custom items and one-offs.

If you have a special request, we would love to talk. Pricing will depend on your specific request, including material.

What about other cameras?

There has been a flattering amount of questions regarding other cameras and other camera brands.

For now, the focus is on newer Leica digital cameras. The Q3 baseplate has launched soon, with a grip version to follow, then something for the M11.

If you're looking for a baseplate for the M10 or older M film cameras, you should give KameraKraft a look.